Ivan Toma creates
exquisite furniture pieces
full of Italian
charm and luxury

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The designer

Ivan Toma is the interior designer who can incorporate a feminine allure into a style that is elegant and full of beauty.

His furnishings and design works are recommended for those who love timeless interiors with a marked sense of elegance, where the refined selection of colours and materials evokes the history of Italian artistic and cultural heritage, starting from the classical approach. He gives life to a sensual, captivating design, devised for whoever wants a warm, attractive home.


With a great experienced Interior furniture design. Skilled in luxury furnishing, product design, strong arts and design professional with a demonstrated history of working in the design.

Ivan Toma revives the charm of ancient palaces, combining classical elements with elegant and modern design to create a unique style for most sophisticated residences and luxury hotels. Embracing the philosophy of love for timeless Italian beauty and elegance.



His new creation - The Veneria collection - is the embodiment of the classic Italian style and the splendor of the past. Elegance and design blend together, creating a unique beauty.

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